January 2019 - COMBIPASS SAS opens new office in Dourges

We are pleased to announce the opening of our new commercial office in DOURGES (Euralogistic Center - Delta 3)

As part of its international and intercontinental development related to New Silk Road traffic, we have recruited Yingxin who is at your disposal for any multimodal and intermodal equipment rental study (dry containers, mobile box, chassis all size ...)

All the expertise of the Combipass Team is available for your studies of modal transport and support to the CEE * and will guarantee productivity and logistical optimization!

The arrival of Yingxin (alternating student of Chinese nationality) therefore reinforces our international sales network, led by Nordine BOURAS also based in our new office.

==> Combipass: Professionals in the rental of equipment for intermodal, combined or multi-modal transport!

* CEE = financial subsidies allocated by the Ministry of Ecological Transition to promote multimodal transport (from or to France) and to encourage GHG (Greenhouse gas) reduction

Contact info Combipass Hauts-de-France:
Yingxin ZHANG

Responsible for market research of the new Silk Road

一带 一路 市场 研究员

Combipass S.A.S 153 rue des Hauts de France

62110 Henin Beaumont - Euralogistic Center n ° 1 - Delta 3 platform