Intermodal transport

Intermodal transport – a real alternative to trucking

As a producer, transporter or logistics specialist, you have the possibility to implement alternative solutions rather than shipping exclusively by truck.

Intermodal Transport (road, rail, inland waterway, short sea)

Choose rail, river and sea transport in order to reduce or replace the use of trucks. Whether your depot or your customer’s has a rail spur, is close to a railway terminal or multimodal hub, there are real options available to you.

Highlight the added value of intermodal transport with your customers and study the implementation of this type of transport in your company.

Intermodal Transport, a responsible policy of freight transportation.

The added value of implementing intermodal transport comes from:

Savings to be made in:

  • Packaging costs : reusable containers, avoid extra handling (damages to big bags,…)
  • Operating costs, rail transport is not subject to the changing prices of petrol products.
  • Your personnel costs (drivers, overtime hours, nighttime hours)
  • Wear and tear (tires, maintenance) and longevity of your vehicles (tipping chassis, container chassis)
  • The reduction in the size of your fleet
  • Reduction in the penalties for not respecting security norms
  • Minimization of the risks of cargo pollution due to improper handling
  • Reduction in time : transport without restrictions on week-ends and holidays

Preservation of your human resources:

  • Minimize the risk of infractions of driving and road security laws
  • Facilitate observance of professional regulations concerning driving time and rest periods
  • Make the most of the driving time of your truckers who can make short turn-around trips
  • Optimize the management of your personnel and vehicles during important fluctuations in traffic / business

Protection of the environment

  • Be among those who help reduce the traffic load on our roads and contribute to better security conditions on our highways.
  • Reduce your carbon impact on the environment and participate in saving non-renewable energy.
  • Contribute to improving the image of your customers with their clientele.
  • Protect ecologically sensitive areas and ship dangerous goods in complete security.