Is the rental of transportation equipment a stop-gap solution or a strategic choice in favor of a real added value?

Whether you are a producer, logistics specialist or transporter, interested in mobile storage or a solution for intermodal, combined, or multi modal transport you will find an advantage in renting.

Dedicate your means to your core business, we will propose the solution adapted to your project and your budget.

Optimize your tractors and your work force as well as your load capacity.

Preserve your financial capital and manage your costs during the complete rental period.

Rely on the support of an international company with high potential for investment and innovative solutions.

Take advantage of our knowledge and the experience of our support teams (lien) as well as our international network (lien) during the rental contract.

Use optimal equipment for your needs (lien), whether it is built to specifications for you or standard units for the transport of powder products, ADR or not, such as sugar, starch, flour, PTA, PET, rice, cement, talc, carbon black…

Increase your flexibility and respond rapidly to the demands of your customers with equipment that corresponds to the latest industry norms, whether in terms of ADR regulations or of road, rail, maritime or inland water transportation.

Guarantee to your customers the use of equipment dedicated to a specific product, whether for ADR products, foodstuff, minerals or chemical.

Benefit from fiscal advantages: in addition to “Off Balance Sheet” financing, according to your fiscal structure, rental may be deducted from your taxable results as overhead costs.

Take advantage of our tailor-made contracts, adapted to the equipment type and your needs with decreasing rates according to the length of the rental period. de location :


  • Short term rental offers maximum flexibility to temporarily increase the volume transported or stored, test new business or means of transport (maritime, rail, road or barge) and to respond to seasonal demands.
  • Medium term rental allows you to adjust the rental period to your customer’s requirements so that you can take on new business without making high investments.
  • Long term rental enables you, if desired, to change equipment to your livery and to take advantage of low monthly rates fixed for a pre-determined period.